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  1. Hi Jamil, we met in Panorama finals. You offered me 3 x Panorama DVDs for $TT 450.00 or USD 75.00 + postage. Is this offer still valid? When so pleas advise as to the method of payment. Thank You. Paul.

  2. i am a song writer of any kind of music hip hop dancehall r&b and a little rock.i am talented when it comes to hip hop and rapping i just want to know if there is anyone who will be able to help me out to start my life in music ”starboi da” is my rap name starboi family is the crew i represent i am goin to be working with angelo from la horquetta but the more option you have the better a call back or wrtie back would be nice i only have free styles that i do on my spare time that i record on my phone……www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9y8Z6K5GKs
    all are free styles i think i have what it takes to make it………3173376 available only 10am to 3pm 21yrs of age….facebook-starboigirltakerrudolfo

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